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Battlestar Nogura

All this has happened before. All this will happen again.

Cylons and man once engaged in a bitter, twelve year conflict that ravaged both species, only to abruptly end when the Cylons ceased hostilities and offered to sign an armistice. With the signing of the Cimtar Peace Accords and the creation of Armistice Station near the border of Colonial territory, man and machine parted ways allowing the Colonies to rebuild and their people to regroup.

But now, many years later, man's creations have returned and waged a devastating war on their creators home planets. Setting off countless nuclear warheads and destroying the vast majority of the colonial fleet in orbit, the fall of the colonies is complete.

Pythia was right; it happened before and now, years later, it has happened again.

Deep Space 18

Gateway to the Delta Quadrant

Starfleet has begun to explore the Delta Quadrant. It's been 7 years since the stable Terix Gateway was activated and the Federation began sending resources through. Originally a joint venture between the Romulan Star Empire and Starfleet, the Gateway uses a blackhole, located in the Terix system in Romulan space, to power the gateway and open the rift which allows vessels to pass through safely. Although needing three months to fully charge, this allows fairly regular contact with the Alpha and Beta Quadrants to allow for supplies and crew transfers to happen on a fairly regular basis.

Things were going well until recent encounters with the Voth, as well as an increase in Borg and Hirogen activity in the region and keeping a close eye on their Romulan allies. Starfleet decided to send additional support with the USS Altair joining the station as a support vessel.

Federation of Illyria

"In our age there is no such thing as 'keeping out of politics.' All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred and schizophrenia." - George Orwell

The Federation of Illyria is a collaborative writing group set in the year 2100 as humanity is on the verge of breaking the final frontier. Take on a role in the administration of this fictional superpower. The sim bridges themes from franchises such as The West Wing, Star Trek, The Expanse and Battlestar Galactica.

Ghosts of the Empire

A Star Wars Story

Deep in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy, the last surviving remnants of the once powerful Galactic Empire continue their struggle against the forces of the New Republic. Among the, the Star Destroyer Retribution, which patrols the Juris sector after fleeing the sanctioned Imperial area of the Core worlds. Joining Moff Lobax Resuun’s Qeimet Sector fleet, the Retribution is an integral part of the Imperial Remnants and their mission to strike back at the New Republic systems near to the Hook nebula. Admiral Kiandra Lee has wasted no time in freshening up a stagnant crew, with new personnel arriving every day.

Events take a turn, however, when the Imperial Security Bureau present the Retribution crew with their biggest challenge to date; they must evaluate the veracity of some intelligence that claims Luke Skywalker is on a planet near the nebula, looking for more secrets of the Jedi…

Ulysses Station

Exploring Strange New Worlds

A dark blanket, contrasting with blacks and yellows, and the occasional whites of various astral bodies, enveloped the Federation starship Ulysses. Explosions ravaged the external hull of the massive vessel. Out of control and picking up speed, the craft was leaving thick plumes of black smoke trailing in her wake. Rather fortuitously, an opportunity to put a halt to the disastrous situation presented itself, it was just unfortunate that the solution came in the form of a large, lifeless space body directly in the ship's path.

Despite the best efforts of all aboard, the crew were left with no choice but to evacuate their ship. Huddled together in pods, shuttles, and runabouts alike, the crew watched helplessly as the Ulysses plummeted to her fiery death, impacting the moon’s surface at phenomenal speed. All but the feintest hope of survivors perished before their very eyes.

Now, with their Captain and many others seemingly lost to the void of space, Commander Aria Winters must assume the mantle of command, and guide her crew to safety. With sensors and long-range communications offline, and the escape pods limited to sublight speed, they must first gather and plan for their continued survival.

But something lurks in the shadows of their new home…


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