Any Idea, Any Universe, Any Time

The Simming Foundry (TSF) is a collection of simming projects run by like minded people who simply want to have fun in their spare time. Together, we collaborate on projects from a variety of genres and we have fun doing so. Free from restrictions, rules and requirements, it is our desire for all TSF Projects to be safe havens for anyone and everyone, regardless of gender, self-identification, religion, political persuasion and simming experience.

We currently have three projects affiliated with our group, spread across three different genres, but we are always looking to expand our community. If you would like to start a sim or project with us, or if you would like to bring an existing sim or project into TSF, then please reach out to the TSF Administrators via discord or fill out this application form.

Please visit Our Projects and Sims for a list of all member projects and sims.

Proud to be affiliated with the Fifth Fleet, a Star Trek roleplaying group.


We are a not for profit role play group. No funds will ever exchange hands and all trademarks are respected and adhered to.

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